Ship from anywhere in the United States

Take advantage of our network of authorized FedEx Agents throughout the United States, no matter what city you are in, you can send your Packages and documents to Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Chile and Ecuador

1. Register totally free at

2. Enter 'My panel' and then option 'New Shipping'

3. Create your shipment
Fill in the requested data of Origin and destination, Enter the data of your package (s) weight (pound) and measurements (inches). Select the option that best suits you to take your shipment to the nearest authorized agent that we indicate to you or you want Pickup service at your address (the first box has an additional cost of $ 5, $ 3 additional box)

4. Process your request
You will receive an email with your order. When your shipment arrives at our warehouse in Miami, it is verified and invoiced

5. Pay for your shipment
We will send you an email with the available payment methods, select the one that suits you best, when doing it, report it with us in your account, do not forget to place the shipping or invoice number in the subject or bank concept

6. Receive your shipment

You can Track your shipment 24/7 in My Shippings option

For more information or questions, contact us
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