Air and Ocean Freight Package Shipping Service

Door-to-Door Freight Forwarding

First of all when you make a shipping request, our expert and highly trained staff with more than 6 years of experience, will contact you to confirm your shipping request, consequently they proceed to find and pickup your cargo or packages in any state and location within the United States, then we repack and ship your packages home or any location in Colombia, Chile, Venezuela or Panama.
Since we count with a wide network of authorized agents you can also deliver your cargo in person if you wish, we work with the best airlines and shipping companies to offer you a quality and exclusive service, you can rest without worries that you will receive your packages on time, and in optimal conditions.
At TraeloExpress, we care about each of our customers, so, no matter if you are a retailer, a merchant or entrepreneur, we take care and assure that each one of our customers are in the best hands.
Do you have any doubt? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly assist you and help you with your inquiry as soon as possible.

Online Purchases Reception in all USA

Have you ever thought about how it would feel to buy online in stores such as: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Dollar Tree, Brandsmart USA, etc., thinking how to bring them to Venezuela, Chile, Colombia or Panama? Don't worry about it anymore, unlike other services, TraeloExpress will receive, pack and ship it anywhere and state you prefer.

You can surely rest; we have a wide reputation for satisfied customers throughout our destinations, just place our Miami address and we bring it to your door, as easy as it sounds. Just follow these simple steps.
Envio facil de paquetes desde USA

National Freight Forwarding in the United States

Our commercial allies are the best, since they allow us to offer you all types of shipments and quality cargo transportation, we have the best prices and delivery times, from air, overnight and ground or land shipments. We offer LTL cargo transportation throughout the country, and merchandise distribution service of any kind in the 50 states of the USA.

International Freight Package Shipping Service

We offer the best service of international air cargo shipments, with an estimated period of 3 to 5 business days, direct to the main international airports of Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Panama, we bring you from door to door direct to your destination or location desired, we offer:

Envío de paquetes desde Venezuela

Freight Exportation Service

Traeloexpress is a Freight Forwarder with more than 6 years in the export market, authorized to provide commercial and industrial merchandise export services from the United States. Our warehouse has TSA certification that guarantees safety and effectiveness in cargo handling, we bring your vehicles, heavy machinery and all types of cargo and merchandise that unlike other companies cannot offer you.

Air Freight Package Shipping

We offer the best service of international air cargo shipments (3 to 5 business days) directly to the main International Airports of Venezuela, Colombia, Chile and Panama, with our direct door to door shipping service straight to the destination or your location as well if you want.

● Door to Door Shipping Service
● Sending Documents
● Consolidated Cargo Transportation
● Document Validation
● Hazardous Cargo Transportation
● Optional cargo insurance

Envio de paquetes maritimos a Venezuela
Envio de paquetes  aereos a Venezuela
Shipment of packages and sea freight.
We offer you our excellent shipping service, with the best rates and promotions that you can find in the market, with an estimated period of 15 to 21 business days, in the same way we bring it to your door, we offer:

● Door to Door Shipping Service
● Consolidated Cargo Transportation
● Traffic Cargo Surveillance
● Loose Load Collection
● Heavy Machinery Transportation
● Vehicle Export Service
● Optional Cargo Insurance

Logistic operations
In our company, TraeloExpress LLC through our portal, we specialize in providing logistics solutions for the reception, handling, and dispatch of cargo in sales and orders, either directly or from the portals or online stores of the client's taste , therefore the most efficient and fastest at a competitive level, promoting excellent control and logistics management, also satisfying the needs of all our customers, all these tasks being performed by our trained and specialized staff in our logistics center in Miami (FL).
● Inventory management and administration.
● Packing service
● Cargo Storage
● Order preparation and dispatch services
● Order Management Via Web
● Collection, transportation and dispatch of any type of cargo within the US
● Cargo consolidation and fractionation
● Purchasing Agent
Envio de cajas a Venezuela


Traeloexpress offers its platform, inventory placement and e-commerce experience in the most important online sales platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Coming Soon Thousands of products at your fingertips!

Envios a Venezuela, pickup en USA